What is the Employee Impact on Cybersecurity Threats?


In a 2020 report by Statista, cyber breaches cost American businesses on average approximately $8.64 million, a slight increase from the previous year. Over 1,000 violations occurred, impacting companies throughout the country and revealing a continued need for companies to invest in cyber insurance. These numbers indicate a growing problem for organizations fighting to maintain secure online activity in a highly technologically-driven world. 

Business owners should heavily focus on defending their systems, especially working with staff to understand the increasing danger of mishandling computer activity. With appropriate proactive measures, owners could thwart potential risks.

Why Cyber Security Is Important for Employees?

Why should your staff care about cyber issues? After all, doesn’t that trouble stem from outsiders trying to invade your tech, typing away with destructive code, or sending out a malicious virus? While these situations certainly occur, more and more studies indicate that cybercriminals find their access through worker errors or apathy. Even worse, disgruntled employees could act out intentionally, exposing your operations and ruining your assets.

Negligence and erroneous behavior lead to obstacles. Is someone downloading videos to watch on the work laptop? The site could install malware onto the drive, giving access to cybercriminals. Do you allow people to bring their tech home? What happens if they connect to an insecure network or aren’t working on an encrypted delivery system? Personal choices and actions create more vulnerabilities, potentially endangering your operations and your career.

What Is an Appropriate Employee Role in Cybersecurity?

The Federal Communication Commissions (FCC) emphasized the increased need for all businesses and their staff to remain vigilant against online threats. Anyone on the computers should understand how their actions could prove harmful to the company and its customers.

Thus, personal responsibility remains essential. To educate and assist in the defense against hackers, the FCC put out suggestions for how workers could help minimize cyberattacks. Anyone working for your establishment should follow the following protocols:

  • Avoid or limit personal purchases, downloads and communications
  • Authenticate emails and messages before purchasing or sending information
  • Use only secure networks for internet access
  • Create strong passwords and consistently update them
  • Encourage regular software and malware updates
  • Lock computers when not in use and remain aware of where they are

Active employees should stay up-to-date on your expectations and procedures, safeguarding your systems to the best of their ability. When someone plans to leave, consider restricting access and getting back technology to avoid leaks or concerns.

Unfortunately, cybercriminals have found success in today’s market. They break into company infrastructures in various ways. Some intrude through distant manners, while others have learned to gain entrance through staff errors and misguidance. Along with cyber insurance, take the time to discuss your crew’s vital role in shielding your assets and customer information.

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