Warehouse Safety Best Practices

Warehouse Safety Best Practices

If you operate a business that includes a warehouse, you’re probably already aware that a warehouse can be an incredibly risky environment. Boxes and/or pallets are often stacked floor to ceiling; forklifts, hydraulic dollies, and other heavy equipment zip to and fro. Many worker’s compensation claims begin with injuries that occur in busy warehouses. Implementing warehouse safety best practices will protect your financial interests and your employees.

Make it Clear That Safety Equipment is Not Optional

As noted in an article about warehouse safety, the most important step you can take to reduce warehouse accidents is to equip your facility with quality safety equipment — and require all employees to use it. Safety goggles, hardhats, harnesses … create written guidelines specifying when these tools must be used. Ironically, forklifts and dollies can also be considered safety equipment. Many workplace injuries occur when employees lift objects that are too heavy. Create a policy that specifies when employees must use this equipment to lift objects.

Set Up Dedicated “Hazard Zones”

Depending on the nature of your business, your warehouse may include dangerous chemicals or equipment. Access to these hazards should be limited to those specially trained to use them. To avoid mishaps, house hazards away from the busiest areas of your warehouse. Create a hazard zone with signage and by taping or painting lines on the floor to designate the hazard zone. Specify that only certain individuals should enter this area.

Create Driving Lanes

Just as you should use paint or tape to create a hazard zone, use paint or tape to create driving lanes for dollies and forklifts. Use arrows to indicate which direction equipment should travel. Create “stop” and “yield” signs where rows intersect. Your warehouse is like a mini-city and the forklifts and dollies are make up the traffic in your city. There should be rules of the road that both drivers and pedestrians follow. Additionally, make sure that everyone on your team is vocal. Silence is dangerous! A loud “Coming through!” or “Stand back!” warns everyone to look up and look out for danger.


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