Tech Tip: Automate for Success

Tech Tip Automate for Success

There are certain critical must-dos when you run a small business. You’ve got to hire an effective team. In addition, you have to address risks by securing a business insurance policy, including Central Florida Cyber Liability Insurance.  Keep an eye on emerging technologies so you can stay one step ahead of your competitors. Here’s a smart tech tip that will help automate your success.

What is Business Process Automation?

As you may glean from the description, business process automation is using technology to automate business functions that your employees currently perform manually. Most businesses’ sales, managerial, operational, supply chain, information technology, and even human resources functions have opportunities to use automation to increase productivity. Automating a process frees up time for employees to do other things that do require a human touch.

Tasks That Can be Automated

Some of your employees’ most time-consuming daily chores can be automated by using apps and productivity software such as Openbravo, Freshbooks, MailChimp, HootSuite, etc. Your business can hire a small business automation consultant to take stock of your existing operations and identify functions that can and should be automated (and suggest technologies to achieve that automation.) Considering the vast improvements in productivity you’ll gain from such a consultation, the upfront expense is worth it. Sometimes tools as simple as WiFi can automate manual functions. For instance, your team can collect data about customers automatically, using free WiFi, so to eliminate, phone, e-mail, or mail questionnaires. Functions that can benefit from automation include:

  • Accounting (payroll and invoicing)
  • Managing inventory
  • Developing reports
  • Communicating with other team members
  • Checking emails
  • Managing certain aspects of projects
  • Servicing customers

Work Smarter Not Harder

Any opportunity your business has to embrace technology to complete tasks that employees currently complete manually is an opportunity worth considering. While your competitors slave away at a keyboard performing these tasks, your automated team can be spending time on value-added projects like business development that will propel your business to the next level.

As small business increasingly relies on automation and software, cyber security is more important than ever. Are you adequately protected? Contact us at Newman Crane & Associates Insurance, (407) 859-3691 to find out.