Surviving a Disaster: Filing an Insurance Claim

Surviving a Disaster: Filing an Insurance Claim
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In our previous two posts, we discussed how your small business can recover from a disaster and how to thoroughly evaluate damage. As we mentioned before, filing an insurance claim should only be done if the damages exceed your deductible amount. When looking to make a claim, there are a few tips we’re going to offer to ensure the process goes smoothly and the claim is paid promptly. Before reading on, ensure you continue to secure your property with an Orlando Commercial Property Insurance policy.

Get started immediately.

The sooner you contact your insurance company, the sooner you can get your claim underway. In many instances of disaster, insurance companies will dispatch an adjuster to your location within a few days to evaluate the scope of damage and what needs to be repaired or replaced.

Document damage and loss.

CNN Money suggests making a thorough list of your property that has been impacted. Provide purchase receipts or estimate how much the belongings cost and when you bought them. Don’t throw anything away without checking with your insurer first. You’ll likely need to show that damaged items were impacted by the storm.

Be aware of fraud.

After a storm, fraudulent contractors aim to target vulnerable business owners. To avoid signing a contract that will only end in disaster, work hand in hand with your insurance company. Before settling on any contractor for any amount of work, ensure they are licensed and networked with your insurance company.


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