Moving Your Small Business to a New Office? Follow These Tips.

Whether you are relocating to a new home or a new office, the moving process is a combination of excitement and anticipation and stress and anxiety. When you are relocating your Orlando Small Business, you have to contend with the added pressure of ensuring that you remain organized so you can continue operations even while you are transitioning to your new space. You also need to ensure your valued employees will be willing to make the move with you. Are you moving your small business to a new office? Follow these tips.

Choose Your New Location Wisely

Where you decide to set up shop matters. According to USA Today, If you operate a retail business or restaurant, choosing a location that’s easy to get to, is highly visible, and has ample parking and foot traffic is important. Even if your business does not depend on walk-in customers, you do depend on your employees. If your move will add time to their commutes, they may be tempted to look for a job closer to home. Before you sign on the dotted line and lock in a building lease or purchase, think it through and talk to your employees and valued customers.

Designate a “Moving Liaison”

Especially if you have several employees and a significant amount of belongings to move, it’s wise to assign one person to oversee the logistics of the move. This person can be an employee, but does not have to be. Just make sure that whomever you choose has an abundance of patience and great organizational and communication skills.

Take Steps to Minimize Downtime

When moving your business, you’ll want to minimize disruption to your operations and customers. Prioritize your move so that you move essential equipment first. This way, you can have some employees running your business from the new location while others remain at the old location packing, and clearly labeling boxes so unpacking goes quickly. Don’t forget to have your internet, electricity, and phone service up and running before you move in.

Having comprehensive insurance for your small business is important before, during, and after your move. Contact us at Newman Crane & Associates Insurance, (407) 859-3691 to make sure you are protected.