Should Warehouse Operations Have Security?

Should Warehouse Operations Have Security

Warehouse security is one of the most important parts of commercial businesses looking to keep their company and its contents safe. While commercial warehouse spaces can be unassuming buildings out of the way of the public’s eye, they can be big targets for thieves looking to get their hands on whatever product is kept behind closed doors. What’s more, commercial spaces need to be on the lookout for inside jobs in which employees are performing their own thefts, emphasizing the need for security on a multi-level scale.

But beyond hiring security guards patrolling the space around the clock, there are a number of ways in which security can be kept high and be effective in enforcing integrity inside and out. Here are some ways in which warehouse operations can enhance security and limit losses.

Insure The Perimeter

One way in which a warehouse operation can protect their business and contents inside is by investing in effective warehouse insurance specifically designed to protect commercial spaces on a number of levels. From protecting physical elements inside a warehouse to financially backing up a company after a loss, warehouse insurance can provide peace of mind to commercial companies looking to bounce back and get things back on track.

Alarm Systems

Alarm systems and high definition video surveillance camera systems are essential, barebones ways in which companies can enforce effective security both inside and out. Taking a look at recorded activities is more readily available than ever due to digital connectivity, offering business owners real-time surveillance options. These measures can offer remote monitoring, unattended archiving, and seamless integration with other security systems.

Building Structure Security

Break-ins make a business owner of a warehouse feel like they’ve been taken advantage of. It’s recommended that keeping regular inspections a priority be implemented into a warehouse operation’s security protocol. Doing regular sweeps to look for insecurities in the building or spot employee theft (i.e. pulling products and hiding them for later) can help to keep losses low and integrity high among the public and employees in-house.

Environmental Control Systems

Security at a warehouse is more than just preventing theft or checking for employees who lack honest work. Warehouses will also want to prevent damage to and loss of goods plus harm to workers on premises. Companies should look for multiple ways in which they can integrate environmental controls into the commercial space. Warehouses can monitor the temperature to act much quicker in case of things like fire or flooding. Also, these controls can help with things like monitoring refrigerators to prevent spoilage and track and reduce the consumption of produce or other sensitive goods.

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