Safeguarding Your Business Against Outside Crime

Safeguarding Your Business Against Outside Crime

Crimes of all kinds can affect businesses of all sizes. Whether it’s a mom and pop cafe, a groundbreaking startup or a century-old banking institution, businesses need to make any and all efforts to protect themselves, like looking into commercial property insurance. Considering all possibilities of crime should move all businesses to take adequate measures to ensure protection in everything from property to data.

Here are a number of steps that can be taken to prevent crime and threats at your business.

Prevent In-House Theft

For all possible threats from the outside to your business, there are possible threats coming from inside your own four walls. Make sure you check references and go through a tight background check for new employees. Also, having clear policies in regard to employee theft can help to boost integrity among your staff. When it comes to petty cash make sure to have it monitored and checked on a regular basis. Starting with a solid system of safeguarding your business from the inside-out will help to bring a culture of awareness.

Check Your Surroundings

Knowing the crime rate in your area and the types of crime that take place is good information to consider. Everything from parking lot safety to knowing the quickest way to secure locations are key.  Business owners and managers need to be aware of all vulnerabilities in their business. Take account of things like the location of cash registers and safes in terms of visibility to customers.

Lock It Up

Having a security guard or staff onboard can put boots on the ground and provide a hands-on approach to keeping everything safe and sound. Having effective locks in place are also a basic rule of thumb and should not be overlooked. Office keys should be given out to those who need them and alarm codes should be set. Make sure to make a list of who has codes and keys as well. Also, having a running list of emergency numbers handy will help to streamline communication in case of a security breach. And if your business has a panic button on premises make sure your staff knows where it is.

Make Everything Count

Having a regular and thorough system of audits can help keep things secure too. Keep updated employee records on file and have your valuable equipment and information cataloged. From time to time have a full-service security company go over your alarm systems and cameras, making sure everything is in good working condition.

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