Protecting Your Employees Health and Safety


Ensuring the health and safety of your workers is incredibly important when attempting to run a successful restaurant. When you own a hospitality business, you and your staff constantly interact with people. Likewise, employees don’t have the luxury of sitting behind a desk all day, allowing for distance. It’s a close contact field with high levels of socialization and interaction.

The Importance of Health and Safety

You probably go the extra mile to keep the clients happy, focusing on the “customer is always right” motto. You invest in hospitality insurance to bolster your operation’s protection. However, what about your workers? They need something to help them daily. Establish apparent health and safety protocols that support their defenses.

Why You Should Focus on How To Keep Your Employees Safe

Safety applies to numerous elements. People should feel mentally and physically comfortable within an environment: free of threats and dangerous obstacles. When people feel continually pushed into hazards or stressful situations, they may suffer. Injuries may increase as well as anxiety or pain.

Studies indicate that safety remains critical in the workplace. The Maine Department of Labor notes the following benefits of prioritizing health conditions. The group emphasizes that operations that prioritize safety are likely to see less turnover. Places also witness improved worker productivity and attitude.

The hospitality industry builds a reputation for kindness and attention to detail. An upbeat and motivated crew greets customers well and satisfies their care. In addition, less turnover allows for consistent relationship building with clients.

Tips for Promoting Health and Safety Amongst Your Employees

Regular meetings and customer procedures emphasize staff health and safety within your facility. Have open and direct conversations about how your team can stay safe while providing excellent service and attention to patrons. Follow through by adhering to the rules yourself and modeling expected behavior.

Discuss health expectations. Expect sick employees to stay home, especially if they have a severe cough or run a fever. If they show up ill, request they go home and only return when symptoms diminish. 

Establish hygiene etiquette for the location. Encourage frequent hand washing—post reminders near sinks, asking staff to wash hands with soap for at least 20 seconds. Keep alcohol rubs and sanitizer available throughout the facility. Provide face masks and gloves. Allow workers to wear them throughout the day and strive to maintain distance between people.

Create contact-free options when possible. Drop food outside doors, providing notifications through text messaging. Use kiosks to assist with food orders and appointment check-ins.

Review food protocols. Staff should refrain from touching anything on the plate. Deliver and dispose of items quickly. Clean surfaces frequently with a disinfectant and maintain proper food storage temperatures.

Protect the people who work for you; they represent your business. Along with keeping the customer happy, focus on staff safety and health. Invest in hospitality insurance and strive to educate and enforce appropriate workplace protocols.

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