Preventing Employee Legal Battles

Preventing Employee Legal Battles

Employees are your number one asset and potentially your number one risk. A Central Florida EPLI policy is critical to protect your business against workers’ claims that pertain to violations of legal rights. Whether you unknowingly violate legal requirements or are wrongly accused of such, defending employee legal battles is extremely expensive. A better plan is to work on preventing employee legal battles.

Focus on These Three Contentious Issues

There are three main reasons why employees file suit against their employers. Be aware of these hot-button issues and take steps to avoid wrongdoing or any appearance of wrongdoing.

Unsafe Workplace. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is standing by to take employees; complaints about hazardous workplace conditions. From slips and falls to electrocutions, many jobs can be risky. OSHA inspectors’ missions are to look into and remedy claims of workplace hazards.

Unfair Wages. If you’re not familiar with the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), you need to become familiar with it. This is the law that governs whether employers are “exempt” or “nonexempt,” and determines who is eligible for overtime pay. Employees who are convinced they’re not being paid what they’re owed have a huge reason to file complaints against their employers.

Discrimination. Pregnancy. Sexual orientation. Age. Political or religious affiliation. Before you discuss such issues with employees or potential employees, reconsider your strategy. It’s best not to delve into personal issues that can be construed as discriminatory. Stick to the safe issues (qualifications and discussions related to an employees’ job responsibilities.)

Do You Think Only Large Companies Need EPLI? Think Again.

According to the Insurance Information Institute, even small businesses are not immune to employee liability claims including wrongful discipline, emotional distress, breach of contract, discrimination and more. The number of lawsuits being filed against small businesses is on the rise. Besides taking steps to protect yourself and your team by documenting everything, creating and posting workplace policies, and publicizing no-tolerance policies regarding sexual harassment and discrimination, an EPLI policy is critical.

If your business does not have an EPLI policy, that is extremely risky. Call Newman Crane & Associates Insurance today at (407) 859-3691 today. We will craft a policy to protect you against workplace claims.