Prepping Your Business Against Hurricanes


Prepping your business against hurricanes is one of the essential things you must do to mitigate the destruction. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association predicts that approximately 14 to 21 hurricanes may develop in 2022. For businesses along the Atlantic coastline, it’s time to begin thinking about fortifying your operations to withhold storm forces. After all, your company is a significant investment that deserves the best protection.

Prepping Your Business

Business owners can do something now. Without a doubt, spend time reviewing your Property & Casualty Insurance policy with your agent. In addition, anticipate the significant issues a storm delivers, prepping your building and property to battle intense winds and heavy rainfall.

Prepare Your Business for a Hurricane

Hurricanes pose several threats to operations. Severe systems can have wind speeds over 100 mph, threatening your infrastructure from top to bottom. Even lower storms could pose havoc on the roof and windows. Damage to either of these areas could lead to water damage, restoration efforts, and potentially long-term closures.

Begin your hurricane awareness by checking in with your insurer to review current policy coverage. Discuss your deductible for a storm and what the plan does and doesn’t cover. Are you near a body of water? If so, verify whether you have flood insurance or need to add it.

While hurricanes pop up quickly, you can do the opposite:

  1. Act methodically and proactive.
  2. Work with managers to write out an emergency response plan detailing steps to take before a hurricane.
  3. Establish communication leaders and know how to save essential documentation for access at off-site locations.

Essential Tips for Business Hurricane Prep

Part of your emergency plan should include annual facility prep. Managers and owners should collaborate to review the building’s supplies and structure, ensuring vulnerable areas receive attention before a storm hits.

Have the proper equipment and supplies, avoiding last-minute hunts and purchases. Begin with energy. During storms, electricity often goes out. Thus, you should obtain a generator to protect all lights and essential goods. In addition, stock up on hurricane food and water. Keep non-perishables somewhere in case you have staff on the premises.

Spend time looking over the building. Also, check all major systems such as the HVAC unit, signage, and roof. Look for cracks, loose parts, or weak sections. Repair problems and fortify anything that requires upgrades. Anything outdoors should screw or bolt into a fixed structure. Otherwise, winds could pick up even larger objects, hurling them toward the building. Secure anything outside. If you can’t bolt it down, assign someone responsible for relocating things inside before the storm hits.

Furthermore, hurricane-force winds can break the glass. Recaulk windows, check the glass’s condition, and change out anything that doesn’t withstand hurricane-grade weather. Assess everything from skylights to the main doors.

 While you cannot control the hurricane’s direction or speed, you can prepare your business to handle the hit. Work with your agent to evaluate your Property & Casualty Insurance policy, and spend time reinforcing the property’s weak areas.


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