Prepare for Holiday Parties with Liquor Liability Insurance

Prepare for Holiday Parties with Liquor Liability Insurance

The holiday season is a great time for companies to take a load off and celebrate the season and the end to another great year. From small gatherings to major holiday parties, businesses like to reward their staff with fun parties featuring music, games, food, and drinks.

But that last part could cause some major problems for businesses as driving under the influence after being served alcohol at a company party can come with grave consequences.

Covering Your Holiday Party

Local authorities around the country are ramping up their efforts to crack down on drunk driving incidents by laying down harsher fines this holiday season. While keeping a limit on how much can be served is important, it’s also important to keep the entire company protected from major lawsuits and legal issues that come from drunk driving or any number of issues related to over-serving at a holiday party.

This can be done through liquor liability coverage through hospitality insurance Florida firms, such as Hilb Group. This kind of protection is a comprehensive piece of insurance meant to provide the right resources and finances during litigation, if it comes to that.

Host Liquor Liability Coverage

Host liquor liability insurance is a type of coverage specifically designed for companies or hosts of parties that serve alcohol to guests. If a guest at a party injures themselves or someone else after drinking alcohol that was provided to them at an event, the company could be found at fault due to the service of that alcohol.

Going further, if they cause harm to someone else by drunk driving or through any other kind of physical altercation (i.e. fighting), the company could be held responsible for paying for medical, legal, and additional damages.

Liquor Liability Insurance and Bartenders

Can a company still be held liable for any issues stemming from bartenders or caterers? The answer is yes, they can. It’s highly recommended to purchase this coverage if a company is hosting the party or event.

Furthermore, a company should require that all bartenders and caterers and their staff be covered by liquor liability insurance of their own and to name the company as an additional insured. When this happens, it protects the company from their negligence.

Many companies have party planning team members who pour over the ingredients of the perfect holiday party. But beyond decorations and food platters, it’s important to be aware of the responsibility the company carries when it comes to any alcohol served during the event.

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