Perks of Being a Small Business Owner

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Owning a small business can be both personally and professionally beneficial. While it’s exciting and fulfilling to start your own business, there are many considerations to be made when it comes to safeguarding your hard-earned success, such as obtaining the right Orlando Business Insurance policy. The following are some perks of owning your own small business.

Technology Tools- Modern technology has made operating a business much more efficient. The use of social media, apps, email marketing, and the internet allow communication with a broad audience. In addition, POS systems manage funds, transactions, and track customer purchases to promote customer loyalty. Installing a simple plug-in app allows for email marketing to be conducted without taking away from the employee’s time.

Access to Credit- Keri Gohman, executive Vice President of Capital One told The New York Times “It’s actually a really great time to access small-business capital. Rates are low and banks are also feeling the economic recovery. We really want to lend. Small business owners can shop around and work with banks to find the best rates.” In other words, small business owners can receive funding much easier than in prior years, creating much more room for growth.

Economy Improvement- The economy has finally started to shift from fatigued to growing in recent years. Hartford’s Small Business Study reported that 77 percent of small businesses feel successful about their operations as of 2014. What’s more, 58 percent of business revenue is expected to grow in 2015, according to the Sage Business Index.

Personal Satisfaction- Being your own boss, making your own hours, and realizing your personal vision can be incredibly satisfying. Although there are inherent risks and considerations to be made, an improved economy and technological advancements can contribute to a successful venture.

Customer Service- As it is your own company, creating personalized experiences are possible. Taking customer service seriously and building your brand side by side with exceptional customer service can help promote your reputation and success. Experts recommend getting to know your customer’s needs, their wants, and establish ongoing relationships with them.

Flexibility- Operating a small business can provide more flexibility in accommodating shifting market conditions as opposed to a corporation. New strategies can be implemented swiftly and immediately, which can prove to be a huge asset.

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