Orlando Homeowners Insurance: Tips to Trick Burglars

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Orlando Homeowners Insurance: Tips to Trick Burglars

As an Orlando homeowner, the safety of your family and your property is a high priority. There are many strategies when approaching home security. Many individuals choose to put personal home security systems in place in addition to surveillance technology to protect your property boundaries. However, those tactics are specifically designed to respond to a home invasion, not to prevent one. There are many tactics Orlando residents can utilize, to help deter deviant behavior towards their property and to stop criminals from even considering a property to begin with. One of the most successful tips for protecting your assets from theft and vandalism require thinking as a criminal would and understanding what they look for when planning a strike.

The Miami-Dade Police Department offers some helpful home security tips as well as a home security assessment checklist for homeowners to help residents address their residential safety concerns. Many of the suggestions are common safety precautions which have been successful in deterring crime for years, including doors and windows lock specifications and other structural safeguards.

If you are a little extra cautious, there are many lifestyle and domestic habits that can help protect your residence as well. Here are a few practical tips to make your home less appealing to burglars.

  • Don’t get flashy. While every homeowner wants to differentiate their home from their neighbors, be mindful of the types of items you leave exposed to the public such as outdoor furnishings, embellishments and other decorations. Showing off your luxury vehicle to the neighborhood by parking it in the driveway, or placing high-value items easily visible through windows are often signals to onlookers that your residence contains pricey items. To a criminal, this could indicate that your home is a potential lucrative destination.
  • Visibility is safety. Property owners often have a tendency to conceal windows, doorways and paths in the pursuit of privacy. While high fences and hedges can shield your property from snooping neighbors, they can also provide cover to criminals lurking around your home. Utilizing motion censored and timed lighting can also improve visibility around the exterior of your property and alert you of passers-by.
  • Someone is always home. There will inevitably be times when your home is unoccupied, and those moments are generally when burglars will look to strike. Using timed lighting and noise making electronics indoors can help give the appearance that your house is occupied even when it is not, thus deterring mischief around your property.

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