Does Orlando Workers Comp Cover Off-Site Accidents?

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Does Orlando Workers Comp Cover Off-Site Accidents?

Cvent, a well-established corporate event planning and management firm, recently released their annual review of the top 50 business destination in the United States and some of the results are surprising.  In their study, they evaluated over 5,000 cities as well as the number of meeting and event venues in the corresponding areas. They analyzed event, conference, tradeshow and meeting booking data, as well as venues and amenities to provide an accurate reflection of the most popular business destinations across the fifty states.

Chicago moved up this year to claim the title of the nation’s best business destination. Orlando ranked second in the nation this year, falling slightly from the top ranking the city received last year. Las Vegas, Atlanta and San Diego round out the top five best locations with New York holding onto 6th place, all for the second year in a row.

It comes as no surprise to many Floridians that Orlando should rank well among the best locations for business travel and accommodations. With four-hundred and fifty hotels featuring business accommodation and offering over one-hundred thousand room accommodation, Orlando hosts millions of professionals a year. It is also consistently one of the top tourism and vacation destination is the nation as well, drawing millions of visitors from across the world to the myriad of theme parks, resorts and other amenities.

While travel and off-sire meetings and are essential for any business, they can also pose a hug threat when it comes to an employer’s responsibility to protect their employees who work off-site. Should an employee fall sick, get injured or have an accident while away on business is their employer liable for those occurrences? Even more poignant of a question is, will your Worker’s Compensation cover employee injuries off site?

The answer is generally, yes. Typically a business’s workers comp coverage is extended to employee injuries sustained off the work premises so long as the injury is work related. Determining whether an injury is work-related however, can be complicated. Some off-site events that are typically covered include injuries that occur as a result of:

  • Traveling: Employees with no fixed, multiple or changing job sites are covered if injured on the job. As are employees traveling via employer provided transportation or by reimbursing the employee for travel expenses.
  • Company-sponsored event:  Even if the event is off-the clock and after-hours an employer’s workers comp policy may cover injuries and accident sustained from official, corporate sponsored events.  This includes recreational activities, team-building events, meetings, annual parties and other occasions.
  • Recreational activities to entertain potential clients. For example, should you or your employee be hit in the head by a golf ball while taking a client out for a round, the medical expenses could be reimbursable by filing a business workers comp claim.

At Newman Crane, helping you protect your business from the financial consequences of workplace injuries is one of our specialties. We offer comprehensive Orlando Workers Compensation coverage and many other risk management solutions to help promoting workplace safety and accident management. The right Orlando Workers Comp policy will cover your employees in the event of a workplace injury or illness, on and off your business premises. Our extensive business insurance portfolio is fully customizable to help Orlando business owners protect their workers, assets and investments. To learn more about all our offerings, give our Orlando Workers Comp specialists a call today at (407) 859-3691.