Orlando Worker’s Comp: Contractors Face Lasting Health Risks

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Orlando Worker’s Comp: Contractors Face Lasting Health Risks

Contractors are exposed to countless hazards throughout the course of their work. Taking even a few steps though a working Orlando construction site exposes an individual to numerous dangers. Ladders, scaffolds, heavy building materials and commercial machinery are just a few of the many exposures contractors face to work related injuries. If that wasn’t enough, Orlando contractors face risk of exposure to a number of dangerous substances which can be stirred up during a building renovation, remodel or demolition from toxic chemicals to mold, spores and particulates.

In fact, many Orlando construction workers are frequently exposed to substances which can have long term effects on their health. One of the most common serious health concerns for the construction industry is Mesothelioma and other respiratory complications resulting from asbestos exposure. Just as coal workers can be entitled to workers compensation coverage for “Black Lung” and other health complications, Orlando contractors and construction personnel may be entitled to compensation through a workers comp claim should they suffer from an illness or disease.

Not all illnesses and diseases are compensable however.  There are two primary factors which go into determining whether or not a disease or illness is covered under a worker’s compensation claim. The first, involves determining whether an illness or disease can be considered “occupational”. Qualifying a health condition as “occupational” is means that it must be proven that the employee was at work when they contracted the illness or disease. This is relatively simple in many cases. The second test is much harder to evaluate. Representatives for an employee must prove that the illness or disease is “peculiar” to the work they preform or their work environment. This is where interpretation and evaluation really come into play. Each case is judged on its own merits and circumstances.

With all the hazards workers face on a daily basis, it is no wonder that the construction industry has one of the highest frequencies of workers compensation claims in the nation. Contractors need strong Orlando Worker’s Comp coverage to protect themselves and their employees in the event of an accident, injury, illness or fatality.

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