Orlando Retailer Insurance: Why Online Reviews Matter

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Consumer trust is one of the most important commodities for Orlando retailers, especially those with a substantial online presence. But generating that trust in the modern world can be challenging, especially for digital retailers who offer a significantly reduced sensory shopping experience. Unlike in traditional retail settings, online shoppers don’t have the luxury of picking up the product, smelling it, feeling it and otherwise experiencing it with their own senses. Instead, these consumers are forced to rely on detailed descriptions and take the retailer’s word for about the condition and quality of a purchase. So what can Orlando Retailers do to help ease their consumer’s minds?

Many recent studies have shown that genuine online reviews from customers are a good way to build consumer trust in both your establishment and the products that you as a retailer. According to research group Influence Central, over 90 percent of consumers questioned in a survey indicated that an online review is “more important than input from a salesperson.” Furthermore, 88 percent of consumers revealed that online reviews are very influential when purchasing a new product from a brand with which they are not familiar.

While this may tempt retailers to manufacture their own reviews, consider the following before spending a few hours supplementing your two-star ratings with five-star feedbacks. According to the Influence Central report, 97 percent of consumers claim to be able to tell almost all of the time the credibility of a posted review and know when such posts are “fluff” for the retailer themselves. Consumers are looking for credible feedback from buyers they can identify with to bolster their trust in online retailers. As such, encouraging your customers to review products and purchases online can be a huge benefit for Orlando retailers.

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