Orlando Homeowner’s Insurance: What is a Homeowners Association?

Orlando homeowner’s insurance

Orlando Homeowner’s Insurance: What is a Homeowners Association?

Last year an estimated 328,500 communities housing over 65 million individuals were reportedly part of a community association, and thousands more communities are forming official associations each year. Community associations, more commonly known as homeowners associations (HOAs), play a vital role in the upkeep, safety and well-being of a neighborhood.

What is a HOA?

HOAs are essentially a legal entity which governs over a housing subdivision, planned community or condominium complex that makes and enforces regulations for the properties within its jurisdiction. An HOA is comprised of property owners in the community, often elected into office, which oversee and advocate for the overall benefit of a community. Association participation is mandatory for homeowners in an HOA community and monthly or annual dues at collected from property owners to pay for upkeep of common areas such as parks, recreational facilities, and swimming pools and often has the power collect extra fees from homeowners should the association lack funds for unexpected repairs.

What is the HOA responsible for? 

One of the HOA’s primary functions is to assume responsibility for and protect all common areas from theft, damage, and assume liability for any injuries which may occur on community property. The HOA however, is responsible for community owned property such as security gates, green areas, pools and other recreational amenities, community parking structures and community vegetation. Depending on city ordinances, a HOA may even have jurisdiction over streets and sidewalks within a community. For condos, this means that the association is responsible for insuring the building, utilities infrastructures, and other structures while individual condo owners are primarily responsible for insuring the interior of their spaced and their own property.

However, an HOA has less responsibility when it comes to protecting Central Florida homeowners’ property. While the HOA will certainly enforce rules about how the exterior of your home should be up-kept and the appropriate length of time you are permitted to leave out your trash cans, they have little liability in regards to protecting your home from damages or losses.

Homeowners are responsible for not only the interior of their dwelling, but their entire property including building exteriors, utility infrastructures, porches, patios, yards garages and all non-communal structures which lie on their property. They are also responsible for any accident or injuries which occur on their personal property or involving their property.  As such, the need for Orlando homeowner’s insurance can never be understated.

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