How to Get Your Orlando Home Hurricane Ready

Orlando Flood Insurance

As the six month long hurricane season rapidly approaches, chances are you may be scrambling to prepare yourself and your home for the upcoming storms. While hurricanes can inflict major property destruction, making sure your Orlando Homeowners Insurance is current and instated can help protect your assets. The following 5 tips will help ready your home for an upcoming hurricane:

  1. Strap Down the Roof- In order to fasten your roof, use hurricane straps to secure it to the foundation. provides detailed information on how to properly adhere your roof.
  2. Seal Windows and Doors- To prevent moisture damage from severe rain, caulk the frame of these structures.
  3. Storm Shutters- Either making shutters out of marine plywood or purchasing commercially made shutters will protect your windows from breaking and allowing debris and moisture into your home. The recommended thickness is 5/8 of an inch thick. To protect bigger pieces of glass, use heavier plywood.
  4. Bolt Doors- Using bolts on the top and bottom of your doors will help them resist intense wind pressures. Solid wood and hollow metal doors are typically strong enough, but it is never a bad idea to take more precautions. If you have double entry doors, check the trim to determine whether the connections of the bolts need to be reinforced, as well.
  5. Preserve Standing Structures- Don’t forget to check to ensure porches, sheds, umbrellas, and decks are intact and tied down.

Navigating hurricane season can be intimidating and overwhelming.  However, whether you are a current homeowner or looking to purchase a home in the future, the appropriate homeowners and Orlando Flood Insurance are crucial. At Newman Crane, we strive to provide the best coverage at affordable rates to secure your home and your assets. For more information about our offerings, please contact us today at (407) 859-3691.