Orlando Employment Discrimination Claims Rising

Employment Practices Liability Insurance

Orlando Employment Discrimination Claims Rising

Employment discrimination is a major threat to American businesses and workers. Thousands of claims are filed each year across the country disputing the employment practices of American businesses, some of the most common of which are discrimination related.  What’s worse is that many operations fail to attain the proper liability insurance from their Orlando insurance agency and thus are unprepared when such allegations arise.

According to recent data released by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, Florida workers filed the second highest number of discrimination charges against their employers in the nation last year. Last year, Florida officials received some 7,528 complaints primarily reporting instances of retaliation or discrimination based on race or disability.  Texas saw 8,035 complaints last year regarding employment and workplace discrimination, the highest of any state, and California saw 6,363 accusations placing third. These three states represent some of the largest and most populous states in the nation which many officials say contributes to a highly competitive job market and employee tensions. While racial discrimination was the subject of the most frequent claims, Florida also received numerous allegations of age, disability, equal pay, sex and other discriminatory practices against protected classes.

Whether the accusations are founded of found false, discontented workers increasingly pursue claims against their employers for everything from compensation discrepancies to discrimination, sexual harassment and wrongful termination. Today it is increasingly likely that Orlando businesses will face some sort of legal complications surrounding their employment practices over the course of their operation. When these allegations arise they can put financial and resource strain on Florida businesses large and small. While some small employers may think they are less likely to face such claims, the truth is that employment lawsuits can arise at any time from any number of situations and leave an unprepared operation crippled financially.

As such, it is vital that Florida businesses take the proper precautions to protect their assets. Employment Practices Liability Insurance (ELPI) is type of liability coverage designed to protect businesses from claims of such wrongful acts as discrimination, failure to hire or promote, harassment and a myriad of other employment disputes. At Newman Crane, we offer Orlando EPLI as part of our complete Central Florida business instance portfolio. To learn more about this essential liability coverage and all our business solutions, contact us today at (407) 859-3691.