Orlando Contractors Insurance: The Round Building Case

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Orlando Contractors Insurance: The Round Building Case

For months the deconstruction of the American Federal Building, also known as the “Round Building”, has been the talk of the town throughout Orlando. There has been much debate over the $700,000 plus demolition contract which was awarded to Crusader Demolition of Lakeland. What started as a seemingly simple building demo has hit a number of snags, hiccups and delays along the way, including the firing of the site supervisor for firing an assault rifle inside the basement of the building.

The project was originally supposed to be completed by October 1st, 2014, however city officials delayed the start date of the demolition to allow occupants more time to leave the premises. When finally awarded, the revised contract was given to Crusader Demolition for $200,000 less than their closest competitor and the demolition date was set to be complete by November 2014, before the opening of the new Dr. Phillips Center for Performing Arts. However due to a number of complications, the project has yet to be finished, and some allege that he hold up could be due in part to Crusaders Demolition’s lack of experience.

Back when bidding began, Pece of Mind Environmental Inc. filed a formal protest stating that Crusader Demolition’s proposal should be rejected because the company didn’t have the required experience needed to successfully fulfill the contract. According to reports, when the city originally solicited bids for the job, it included a requirement that all bidders must have demolished at least two buildings in the past 10 years that were three or more stories tall, at least 30,000 square feet, and in an urban environment. According to the petition filed by Pece of Mind, Crusader Demolition failed to meet these basic requirements, yet the firm was awarded the contract anyway. City officials maintain that Crusader Demolition has the proper experience to complete the job, and that the project has been delayed for a number of other reasons, including the desire to preserve the decorative concrete panels lining the building. The building is currently slated to be fully disassembled by January 2nd 2015.

The Round Building presents a perfect example of how a seemingly straightforward project can face a number of complications, costing all parties involved time, money and resources. From employee misbehaviors to underestimating the challenges of the job, there are a countless setbacks contractors can face; including exposure to losses and liability claims, such as contractual disputes. As such, having the comprehensive Orlando Contractors Insurance is vital to the success of any construction operations.

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