Orlando Car Insurance: Feds to Mandate Crash Avoidance Technology

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Orlando Car Insurance: Feds to Mandate Crash Avoidance Technology

The U.S. Transportation Department has begun drafting policies which would require automakers to outfit all future vehicles with vehicle-to-vehicle communication and driver alert systems, asserting that the technology can help save more than a thousand lives a year. Researchers have found that the use of crash avoidance technologies can be expected to help prevent some 600,000 accidents that occur each year in connection with oncoming traffic and intersection collisions.

Vehicle-to-vehicle communication technology is essentially a set of sophisticated, strategically placed sensors which allow cars to sense one another and react accordingly. These technologies allow vehicles to relaying information like speed, position and trajectory to one another and in turn to drivers who are then warned of possible collision situations. The technology lets cars automatically exchange safety data roughly10 times per second, which helps alert motorists to with real-time driving hazards. One such application is the left-turn assistance function offered by this technology, essentially the car itself assesses data from other vehicles in the area to alert drivers of safe and unsafe time to turn. The technology has also been developed to alert drivers of oncoming vehicles and lane deviation.  However, even the most sophisticated  vehicle-to-vehicle technologies have limitations, based on capabilities and human error, however  researcher believe that when used in conjunction with vehicle-to-infrastructure communication systems the results could be markedly improved.

According to the National Highway Safety Administration, formal vehicle-to-vehicle communication regulations will not be released until 2016 at the earliest, at which time the agency is expected to publish a set of concrete proposals.

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