Orlando Business Liability Implications of Workplace Tracking

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Orlando Business Liability Implications of Workplace Tracking

Tracking technology is playing an increasingly large role in the daily functions of many businesses. Many companies are utilizing GPS, Real Time Locators and movement tracking badges to collect data about how employees spend their time.  Corporations claim that this information is beneficial to the workers as well, noting that such data could be used to identify problem workflow speed bumps and spark reevaluation of work practices.

GPS remains the most common method for location observation among employers. These methods utilize global positioning satellites to indicate the whereabouts of a sensor installed in a vehicle, mobile phone or other electronic devise. Many industries with heavy transportation usage implement this type of tracking to monitor worker efficiency and reliability. Shipping and delivery services in particular have been employing these tactics to improve customer service by allowing clients to track orders.

Real Time Locators are a newer development in workplace data collection which allows more precise location tracking through an installed network of sensors. Hospitals in particular are adoption these approaches to observe workers footpaths and habits when making rounds. One Florida hospital claims that this data is helping determine staffing requirements and smooth out workflow patterns.

Sensory Badge technology has been implemented to discern the work habits and monitor employee interaction. This type of technology can provide qualitative data for employers hoping to gain insight into the emotions and behaviors of their carrier as well as quantitative numerical data such as location.

Many employees have become accustom to this type of personal data mining, however many workers still have reservation about their employers adopting these tracking practices. While these technologies are aimed to assist workflow and work planning, the data they collect raises some ethical questions about personal privacy. The “if you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear” mentality is not exactly faultless in these scenarios where very personal employee data is collected that may have nothing to do with an individuals work performance. Should this information be mishandled, companies could face serious legal trouble, costly fines and fees.

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