Orlando Business Insurance: Tips for Planning Your Holiday Party

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Orlando Business Insurance: Tips for Planning Your Holiday Party

It’s that time of year again, and if you haven’t already begun planning your office holiday parties it’s probably a good time to start.  When it comes to holiday get-togethers there are a number of factors to consider, from location, date and time to liability concerns. This time of year affords Orlando business owners the ideal opportunity to reward employees with a festive break from their daily duties, boost morale and foster community. Everyone loves a good party, so here are a few tips to help your business’s be a hit.

  • Get Staff Members Involved: When it comes to throwing a party there is a lot to do, so having a little extra help is never a bad idea. Involving employee volunteers in the planning process can also ensure that the needs of the many are met and that company holiday plans will be more enjoyable for everyone.  Suggestion boxes, event planning committees and other voluntary employee involvement outreach tactics are a great way to reach out for help and ideas.
  • Get Out: While holding your operation’s holiday party in the office may seem like a money saver and a convenience, there is actually a high risk of loss involved with hosting an event on your premises. Hosting the holiday party in the office also makes it harder for employees to really enjoy themselves as they are surrounded by their work. When employers move the festivities off premises, they not only eliminate property damage risks, they also increase the spirit and levity of the event.
  • Give Back: The holidays are a great time for community building and charitable giving. By incorporating charitable contributions or outreach into your event it makes it easier for your employees to give back to their community this holiday season. Also, be sure to lead by example and make sure that the business makes a contribution as well. Not only will employees be more inclined to follow suit, donations are a great way to build rapport with employees and your community.
  • Be Conscientious: The holidays are often a time for families to bond and do things together so it is important to me mindful of your employee’s familial obligations when planning company events. Will employees be able to bring a guest or their family to the event? If it is important to keep families in mind and plan activities, food and libations accordingly.

When it comes to hosting holiday parties, an important part of planning is insurance that your business has the proper risk management strategies in place should something unexpectedly go awry. It is vital that Orlando businesses make sure that their insurance portfolio is up to par, to avoid any unnecessary losses. At Newman Crane, we specialize in helping Central Florida businesses protect and secure their assets from the countless risk and loss exposures they may encounter. As one of the premiere insurance agencies Orlando has to offer, we are dedicated to working collaboratively with our client to find unique and holistic business solutions. To learn more about our Orlando business insurance products and services, give us a call today at (407) 859-3691.