Orange County FL Car Insurance: Hands-free Doesn’t Guarantee Safety

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Orange County FL Car Insurance: Hands-free Doesn’t Guarantee Safety

According to experts, three out of four drivers believing that hands-free technology is safe to use while driving and improves a motorist’s ability to focus on the road. As such many Americans may be surprised to learn about the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety’s (AAA) latest study and findings. As part of the Measuring Cognitive Distractions, AAA tested a variety of stimuli that drivers often encounter to measure the level of distraction and subsequent cognitive impairment. The research team developed a five-category rating system, similar to that used for hurricanes, to determine the “severity” of impairment for each distraction.

The recently released report compiled data collected in 2013, and found that many of the popular new vehicle features may actually increase mental distraction. Last year AAA revealed that talking on a hand-held and a hands-free cell phone resulted in the same level (category 2) of cognitive distraction. This year’s findings revealed that device accuracy of voice recognition significantly influences the rate of distraction, and that composing text messages and emails using in-vehicle technologies (category 3) was more distracting than using these systems for simply making calls or listening to voice mail (category 2). The research also investigated the use of Apple’s Siri iOS7 version for hands free communication while driving.  The report indicates that hands- and eyes-free use of Apple’s Siri generated a category 4 level of mental distraction, which is higher than communications technology which was integrated into the vehicle.

AAA hopes that the new research will help guide manufacturers to revise marketing campaigns that suggest these features are safer, and to design better hands-free technology that will reduce the amount of distraction for motorists.

At Newman Crane, we believe that one of the best crash avoidance tactics will always be safe driving, which means limiting the amount of distractions a driver faces on the road. We also understand that there are countless unexpected circumstances that drivers face every time they hit the road. That’s why we proudly offer complete and affordable car insurance in Orlando FL.  Our Orange County, FL car insurance specialists can help secure coverage for all your vehicles, whether they are daily drivers or collectible classics. Give us a call today at (407) 859-3691 to learn more about all our personal insurance offerings.