Necessary Considerations for Warehouse Fire Safety

Necessary Considerations for Warehouse Fire Safety

When a business falls victim to a fire, decimating all assets inside, it leaves business owners scrambling to pick up the pieces. But when a structure fire takes place in a warehouse the damage done can be significantly more costly. According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), there are on average just over 1,200 warehouse fires each year, costing more than $155 million in property damage.

With this in mind, warehouse owners and operators need to heed the importance of having warehouse safety in mind when operating. Also, investing in some type of warehouse insurance will help protect against losses and damages. But first things first, necessary considerations for warehouse fire safety need to be intact and updated regularly to be aware.

Is It Up to Code?

Warehousing fire codes and policies are specifically designed to provide preventative measures for warehouses. There are a number of steps to consider in securing a well-maintained and supported fire safety warehouse.

First, think about what the warehouse is being used for. There are things to consider, like usage of a warehouse, that determine the fire protection required. Secondly, warehouse owners need to consider maximum occupancy. Like any building or office space, there is a limit to how many people are allowed to be inside before it becomes a hazard. A recommendation can be calculated from the International Building Code (IBC) based on the building type.

Lastly, warehouse operators need to consider how many exits they need. Most buildings require at least two exits, but this can increase depending on size of building.

Everyday Considerations

Operating a warehouse day to day should not be consumed by being fearful of fire safety. Business has to get done and work has to be kept at a solid pace. But there are other general considerations to keep in mind to instill an environment of safety and awareness.

Warehouse leaders should consider fire prevention education and training. All employees should be trained on proper procedures with equipment and machinery, but should also be in the know about fire safety in their work surroundings. OSHA requires a written emergency escape or action plan for all facilities with things like keeping smoking prohibited, having fire brigades in order, and consider who’s in charge when a fire breaks out.


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