Minimizing the Gender Gap in Manufacturing Industry

manufacturing industry

While women make up approximately 50 percent of the workforce nationwide, the manufacturing industry only consists of an estimated 25 percent women. To reduce your Orlando Manufacturers Liability, consider the following perspectives of women in the labor force.

A Davenport, Louisiana manufacturing networking event brought attention to the lack of women in the industry. While the manufacturing industry employs more than 12 million people, leaders seek to recruit more female talent.

Cynthia Krist, Technical Plate Products Lead at ALCOA, attributed the dismal number of women in manufacturing to awareness. “I think probably a lot of it is its unknown to them. That’s why we reach out to the high school and middle schools to get them exposed to it and get them to come see what it’s all about.”

Krist works to educate and mentor young women on potential opportunities to excel in the industry. For example, Krist currently manages dozens of employees and has worked in manufacturing for over thirty years. She emphasizes that as the company has grown, so have her opportunities for advancement. As she reflects on her own success, she aims to promote the industry.

In terms of working to gain student interest, Lt. Governor Kim Reynolds told KWQC of Illinois, “For the younger kids, the individuals know that there’s an opportunity there and we want to get them the skills to fill it, and then to bring new people in.”

These efforts are bound to help reduce the gender gap in the manufacturing industry. At Newman Crane, we specialize in providing custom insurance solutions for your manufacturing business. For more information on how we can protect your trade, contact us today at (407) 859-3691.