Identifying the Signs of Orlando Workers Comp Fraud

Workers Compensation

Identifying the Signs of Orlando Workers Comp Fraud

Workers compensation coverage is a vital part of any Orlando business’s risk management strategy. Orlando workers comp coverage is designed to help protect employers from unnecessary litigation while ensuring that employees get the medical care they deserve and compensation for lost wages and other expense. While this coverage is vital, it has also become a common forum for fraudulent activity and illegal scheming, which can end up hurting employers.

There are many exposures to workers compensation fraud, however the most common which can affect Orlando businesses include:

  • employees who fake an injury or falsify a claim in order to collect benefits or continue collecting benefits
  •  health care providers who engage in wrongful billing or advising practices.

While the vast majority of workers and medical care providers are very honest and only a small number attempt to manipulate the system for personal gain, the damage of workers compensation fraud are often severe when these instances do occur. According to industry reports, billions of dollars in false worker’s compensation claims surface each year, which in turn cause worker’s compensation premiums to increase, affect business productivity and can even affect employment rates.

Employers should be on the look-out for warning signs of Orlando workers comp fraud in order to best protect their operation from financial losses and complications. Here are a few common red flags:

  • Injuries without witnesses
  • Injuries reported in the evening on Friday or early Monday
  • Late reporting of an injury or accident
  • Unclear story about how, when and where the injury occurred
  • Injury that are inconsistent with the type of activities performed by the employee
  • Frequency of claims made or accident involvement
  • Conflicting diagnoses or treatment plans from healthcare providers
  • Evidence that an employee is blatantly fabricating the injury

Instances of Orlando Workers Comp fraud can be devastating for employers, however with cautious claim management and oversight businesses can protect themselves from losses. At Newman Crane, helping you protect your business from the financial consequences of workplace injuries with thorough Workers Compensation insurance while promoting workplace safety is one of our specialties. Our Orlando insurance agency works with the best carriers around to find you the most comprehensive coverage at the most affordable rates. Orlando Workers Comp helps ensure that an ill or injured employee will receive the medical treatment he or she requires, and helps gets your workers back on the job. To learn more about our operation and all of our business solutions, give us a call today at (407) 859-3691.