How Your Business Can Manage Toxic Waste Properly


Toxic waste is one of the biggest challenges facing chemical companies. In addition to the apparent legal liability, the mishandling of these materials can cause many environmental consequences. Pollution often devastates animals and people in the vicinity, but with the right management strategy, your business can minimize environmental liability and avoid chemical spills.

Manage Toxic Waste Efficiently

Read on to learn how your business can manage toxic waste effectively.

Understand Environmental Liability

To minimize your company’s environmental liability, you must understand this term. In short, it refers to the risk you assume when handling potentially dangerous materials. If these materials include toxic waste, for example, you face legal liability for the potential pollution and damage that this material could cause. Liability insurance can help your company offset this risk and mitigate potential penalties after an incident. Any company that handles toxic waste should invest in liability insurance in Orlando.

Take an Inventory of All Toxic Waste

Many accidents begin with poor management and a lack of communication. If you aren’t carefully tracking the toxic waste your company produces, you are increasing your risk of this outcome. Thus, minimizing your environmental liability demands that you take an inventory of the potentially dangerous materials present on your business’s premises. You can start by reviewing the Environmental Protection Agency’s Toxics Release Inventory which lists all the hazardous chemicals companies must regulate.

Collect Toxic Waste Safely

Once you’ve established an inventory of the toxic chemical waste you must monitor, you must devise a safe collection and storage plan. The most simplistic way to accomplish this is to use noncorrosive containers that are clearly labeled and feature secure lids. These containers need to be in good condition — dings and dents can cause leaks, which are one of the usual causes of environmental liability. Never mix separate materials in storage, and don’t use a container for a different material than they previously used it for.

Find the Right Disposal Facility

Safely storing toxic chemicals is essential, but it’s not the end of the equation regarding proper waste management. Most companies enlist help from a disposal service to complete the task and handle the materials correctly. This service will usually also treat the waste before disposal. When looking for the right facility to partner with, consider their track record of compliance and environmental liability incidents.

Create an Environmental Liability Plan

Companies that produce toxic waste must take every step possible to reduce the possibility of pollution and other incidents. Sometimes events like these still happen, though creating an environmental liability response plan is essential. This plan should include a detailed emergency response protocol. The only thing worse than a chemical spill is a chemical spill that your company hasn’t prepared for. Minimize these risks and protect your business by implementing safety-conscious processes for handling toxic waste.

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