How Warehouses Can Manage Energy Costs During Warmer Months

How Warehouses Can Manage Energy Costs During Warmer Months

It’s no secret that warehouses use a lot of energy to stay operating, especially during warmer months. As temperatures start to rise, industrial facilities will see a huge surge in energy use and the cost around that.

Productivity may slow and with the overuse of such things like giant A/C units, warehouses run the risk of cooling machinery breaking down and cutting into overall cost of doing business. In that case, it’s crucial to have warehouse insurance coverage in place to safeguard against potential manufacturing loss. But before anything breaks down or becomes a burden on your bottom line it’s important to find ways to manage energy costs.

Here’s how warehouses can go about saving on energy and cutting down on costs of operating during the warmer months or in warmer climates in general.

Install Skylights

Warehouses can literally harness the power of the sun by installing skylights in their facility. Letting the sunlight in during the day can help to cut down on the need to use overhead lights and run up electricity bills. While it may cost a decent amount upfront to have them installed, over time things will pay off.

Turn Machines Off

An age-old tip for cutting down on costs is to simply flip switches to off. If a conveyor belt is in use with no one operating it, turn it off. If lights are on in rooms where no one’s at, turn the switches off or install motion sensors. Having things running when they don’t need to e used is a serious waste of energy and money. Remind employees to turn things off when they’re done using them or taking brakes. The amount of money saved here can be forwarded to paying for hefty energy bills from running air conditioning.

Check Your HVAC

Commercial HVAC systems obviously use way more power and cost more than residential units. What’s more, older units attached to aging buildings run inefficiently, costing warehouses even more. Bring in an HVAC professional to check and clean all systems just so you have a clean bill of health. There may need to be some repairs and maintenance done, but you’ll start to see results not only in A/C performance, but money saving almost instantly.

Ceiling Fans

There are industrial ceiling fans that span great widths and output powerful wind to keep even large warehouses cool. Ceiling fans save energy by improving air circulation, spreading the A/C that’s being pumped into a facility, and allowing the overall temperature in a space to be lowered by about 5 degrees (Fahrenheit). This will keep everyone comfortable and productive and energy efficiency for your warehouse will rise.

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