How to Prepare Your Personal Property for Hurricanes

How to Prepare Your Personal Property for Hurricanes

Hurricane season is finally settling in and is ready to make landfall everywhere from Mexico to Massachusetts, putting places like Florida right in the middle of everything. Lots of homeowners and residents are seeing what they can do to better protect their homes to withstand the damages and make it through another hurricane season.

Luckily, there are a number of things that can be done to better prepare properties to keep damage limited and clean up time short. Right now is the perfect time to get things underway to get ahead of the curve of the oncoming storms and hurricanes. Here are some ways that you can safeguard your property this season.

Storm-Guard Your Home

There are many different physical steps you can take to fortify your house against the harsh winds and rain that hurricanes produce. Even if you’re not right in the middle of a hurricane itself, the offshoot that they produce can still provide major damage to properties.

Start by cleaning out your gutters and make any structural repairs and consider purchasing a generator just in case the power goes out. Also, make sure to strap down your roof to reduce potential damage and buy window covers or storm shutters. These base-level tips can lay a solid foundation of protection for your property to hold off major damages.

Procure Hurricane Insurance

For property owners, having the right property insurance will help to protect your home from the effects of any size hurricane season. Even a light season can still bring flooding or wind damage and cause homeowners to have to dive into their own pockets to pay for repairs. Work with your local hurricane insurance Florida providers to figure out the best property insurance options that can help you prepare for the upcoming storms.

Update Your Landscaping

Every hurricane season, images of uprooted trees and bushes strewn all over streets and neighborhoods make their way to the local news. Plants, trees, and other landscaping elements are vulnerable to the strength of a hurricane and major storm.

Property owners can trim trees and shrubs, as this helps to resist the wind, saving the plants and reducing the chances of uprooting issues.

Consider replacing gravel with bark before the season kicks off as windblown gravel can cause major damage to structures and anything, or anyone, it comes in contact with.

Make a List, Check it Twice

It’s important to document the contents of your home and the home itself. From everything tucked away in the garage to the couch you sit on every day, everything needs to be documented for the sake of hurricane insurance Florida and potential losses.

If an insurance claim is made, you’ll want this kind of evidence to support the claim’s contents and recover the maximum amount you can get to replace whatever is damaged. After the inventory is written down and saved, remember to send the inventory list as well as photos and videos to your hurricane insurance Florida agent.

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