How to Get Quality Customer Feedback

How to Get Quality Customer Feedback

Getting vital customer feedback is an essential part of any business looking to grow. However, getting quality customer feedback, or any feedback for that matter, can be difficult. In matters of negative feedback, customers are more inclined to share their thoughts, but what about the unhappy customers who don’t leave their feedback at all?

Businesses of all kinds should have a strategy for gaining quality customer feedback, be it negative or positive, because both can be productive and helpful. And now with the advent of social media and the push to be more mobile and user-friendly, there are so many ways to not only receive quality feedback, but keep customers encouraged to share their thoughts and concerns.

Here are some ways to enhance the opportunity to receive quality customer feedback.

Be Clear & Concise

Customers generally don’t like to spend more time than they have to when it comes to filling out a survey. While they may be happy to give feedback in some instances, keeping them longer than they want to may lead to an incomplete survey. The longer the survey the more chance the customer doesn’t finish it or just scraps it altogether. Ask specific questions and include options to provide optional explanations on certain questions.

Create Actions

Businesses can create actions from customer feedback where appropriate and report back to those who filled out a survey when the action has been completed. Customers want to feel acknowledged, so creating this opportunity will help to encourage customer relationships and trust. This also helps companies get specific on how and where they can improve.


Everyone loves getting something for free or for offering an opinion, Fill out a form, get a prize. It’s that easy. Many companies offer incentives in return for feedback and it is basically a surefire way to get some quality thoughts from consumers as well as possibly bring them back in for more of your services. Showing that you’re willing to listen and want some help to create a better environment while also giving something back for free or at a discount is a great way to get feedback.

Use Email Surveys for New Customers

Email surveys are helpful in that they can provide insight on the entire shopping experience . This is a great way to grab some customer contact information to get them included in email messaging that promotes deals and upcoming events. Surveys should be sent out a few days after someone uses your company’s services and seek certain feedback hits like motivation for choosing your business, how they found you, feedback on service, and overall experience.

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