How Docks and Other Marine Businesses Should Prepare for Winter

How Docks and Other Marine Businesses Should Prepare for Winter

With cooler temperatures and shorter days settling in, one thing is clear: winter is coming. While winter presents great opportunities to visit with family and enjoy the holidays, it also means nasty winter storms may be coming to make the season a little heavier to deal with, especially for owners of boats and marine equipment.

Having a plan to prepare your loading docks and marine-related business is important when it comes to making sure your supplies, properties, and bottom line are all cared for. Inclement winter weather can put your facility at a higher risk for equipment breakdown and other work-related accidents.

Let’s look at some ways in which you can prep your loading docks for the coming winter months.

Prepare Before Preparing with Insurance

The first step is to either obtain or review and possibly update your marine insurance Florida coverage. This coverage is specifically outlined for marine businesses and loading docks by providing liability protection when storm damage affects docks, boats, and other business-related elements.

The Hilb Group of Florida offers marine insurance Florida options for dock owners looking to keep their loading dock above water, so to speak, following claims and incidents.

Trailer Creeping

During winter months, snow and ice usually are the culprits for a significant portion of the accidents on docks. These accidents can be prevalent when it comes to drop trailers. If a trailer is detached from a semi and placed on its landing gear, it can begin to essentially slide away, creating a major problem and potential costly accident.

To prevent this from happening, make sure your vehicle restraints are in place, like unit hooks that can keep trailers in place, cutting out any creep issues. What’s more, utilizing OSHA-recommended stabilizers will provide additional support during a loading dock project. These reduce accidents from a trailer-tip and collapse of landing gear.

Lighting the Way

Workers need to be kept safe in every way while working on docks during the winter months. Installing LED communication lights and making sure current lights are working is important to keep visibility high. These critical light displays communicate the vehicle restraint’s status and keep everyone abreast that the loading dock is safe.

Inside the Dock

A loading dock and marine business facility should be prepared from the inside-out. During times when the loading dock is open and running, water can tend to creep in and create a slippery floor for workers. Safeguard yourself and everyone around you by using a number of tools to cut down on wet floors.

Take an extra step to install sealants on your levelers and doors to help keep elements out. These work to maintain a dry dock and will help to save on energy costs at your dock. Wet surfaces inside a facility can increase the probability that accidents will take place.

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