How Can Businesses Save Money by Going Green?

going green

Going green isn’t just a mantra for millennials. Many companies are finding that by being environmentally friendly in their operations, they can earn public approval and save money. By saving money, your company has more funds available to invest in new projects, hire additional talent, or launch additional marketing campaigns. Going green also reduces some of the liabilities you face that could cause legal problems for your company.

Fending Off the Legal Liabilities

Generally speaking, an Orlando general liability insurance policy will protect you from the common risks associated with doing business. The coverage, however, is limited to incidents of property damage and bodily injury that occur as a result of your business operations. The best general liability insurance for small businesses should move beyond this limited coverage and include plans for environmental risks as well. In addition to a robust insurance strategy, you can help your company become more eco-friendly by adopting new processes.

Changing the Way It’s Done

The expense to go green depends on your level of commitment to lowering operating expenses and having a more significant impact on the environment. Large processing plants or factories can change to renewable energy as power sources, while small office buildings can make some subtle changes to the way things are done. Here are several ways to be more environmentally conscious and save the company money.

1. Go Paperless

Extend your paper conservation beyond customer receipts and digital communication. You can save an incredible amount of money by creating, sending, and storing files or necessary documentation online. Offering e-books or e-brochures for consumer products or changing your employee training program to an online experience can successfully conserve thousands of trees each year and lower your paper and waste costs.

2. Offer Telecommuting

Fossil fuels are leading contributors to global warming and air pollution, and reducing roadway traffic can slow down the deterioration of the ozone layer. Letting your employees work remotely keeps cars off the road, but it also makes the employees rely on their own equipment and utilities. This keeps from having double the energy used, as your office complex no longer has to power up each day in addition to the home consumption already occurring. Reducing power needs puts money back into the bank.

3. Improve the Landscaping

Trees and plants are an important part of clean air. These take the carbon dioxide out of the air and leave clean oxygen instead. With more greenery and landscaping, your employees receive a better quality of air while on break or strolling into work. Healthier air can equate to increased productivity and reduced illness. Airborne illnesses can be filtered out with more trees and plants around the office.

Incorporating more green practices in business operations will save you money, but it will also create a better quality of life for your employees and consumers. When it comes to protecting the environment, every effort helps.

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