Advantages of Hiring Overqualified Workers

If you’ve ever interviewed a candidate for a position and dismissed her solely because she was overqualified, you made a big mistake! It’s counterproductive to overlook a stellar candidate because, well, she’s a stellar candidate. There are many advantages of hiring overqualified workers. For example, if you hire a seasoned human resources professional with an abundance of experience, he or she will be able to jump right into critical job responsibilities and forego the learning curve of inexperienced candidates. It’s risky to procrastinate about essential tasks, such as negotiating a comprehensive Orlando Commercial Insurance Program, while waiting for a less-experienced hire to learn what your business needs.

You may end up paying an overqualified job seeker more than a newbie (but that’s not a certainty). Regardless of what compensation package you negotiate, here are three valuable traits you can expect from a seasoned new hire.


There are reasons why someone who is overqualified applies for a lower-level job. One of the biggest reasons is that he or she is truly interested in the position. Perhaps your job opening allows them to pursue their passion. That will definitely them an asset to your company. Many, but not all, overqualified job seekers are older workers. According to the Vital Aging Network, older workers prefer part-time work. They bring to the table their vast experience, but are willing to take a job they’re overqualified for in return for a more flexible schedule. It’s a win-win for employer and employee!

Solid Contributions

A candidate who has been in the workplace for a while will bring with them their valuable on-the-job experiences and skills. You may find them training your existing employees rather than the other way around.

Big Impact in a Small Amount of Time

Many employers worry about hiring overqualified workers because they fear they will just use the position as a stepping stone until something better comes along. That may or may not be the case. Even if it is the case, consider yourself fortunate to have an outstanding employee assisting your business, even if it is only for six months or a year.


Employees who are confident in their abilities to effectively perform their job will jump in with both feet, work quickly, and not be afraid to take on new challenges. Inexperienced workers may feel overwhelmed and unsure of themselves. Overqualified employees will be ready to roll up their sleeves and conquer the job at hand knowing they can handle whatever hurdles they encounter along the way.

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