Hiring Local Truck Drivers

Hiring Local Truck Drivers

There are few places you’ll encounter more risks than on the roadways. Drivers may encounter vehicular problems; debris and potholes; animals, cyclists, and pedestrians; inclement weather; and, the worst risk of all: other drivers unsafely operating their vehicles. When you’re driving a truck, risks are magnified. If your business utilizes trucks, protect it with an Orlando Commercial Umbrella Policy, which provides liability coverage beyond what’s covered by your commercial vehicle insurance policy. Additionally, do plenty of research before hiring local truck drivers.

Certifications to Look For

At minimum, hire only truck drivers who have a valid Florida-issued Class A commercial driver’s license. A Class A license means the driver is certified to drive a truck with automatic steering. Depending on what will be transported in the truck, you may need to recruit a truck driver who also has a specialized license for transporting hazardous materials or experience working with cargo that must stay refrigerated or frozen during transport.

Red Flags

It’s important to conduct a background check before hiring a truck driver. Driving a truck is potentially dangerous on its own. The last thing you want is to employ a driver who has shown poor judgement or reckless behavior. If a driver has had a citation for driving or operating a vehicle under the influence, you should move on to the next candidate. If a driver has had any moving violations in the prior decade, you should research the circumstances and seriousness before making a decision. Additionally, you can find records about a driver’s crash and inspection history through the Department of Transportation’s Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

Due Diligence

If your background check uncovers no obvious red flags, make sure to have a driver evaluated by a doctor and deemed fit to drive a truck, and have a reputable instructor administer a driving test on the type of truck he would be driving. The more thorough your screening process, the lower your risk.

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