Florida Lightning Safety Tips

Orlando Personal Insurance Risk

While we enjoy the rest of the summer season, it is important to be aware of the eminent lightning risk. As threatening storm clouds loom, consider the following tips to secure your personal, home, and assets’ safety in the event of lightning damage to decrease Orlando Personal Insurance Risk.


Go inside when you hear thunder. If it is audible, that means lightning is within striking distance. It is recommended you find shelter immediately, preferably a solid structure such as a house or a building with a roof. If you are at home when lightning arrives, be sure to unplug electronics and use surge-protected outlets in order to prevent an electricity shortage. Bear in mind a standard surge protector will not protect your home from a direct strike. Further, experts recommend installing a lightning protection system (LPS) in your home to prevent potential fires. If someone has been struck, seek immediate medical attention. While these strikes can be very damaging, Live Science states that an estimated 240,000 people are struck each year and survive. Lastly, wait 30 minutes before going outside after the last audible thunder and/or visible lightning.


Avoid retreating to small shelters such as dugouts or sheds; they are typically not sturdy enough to provide proper protection against a powerful lightning strike. Evade using or touching any electronics during the storm, as well. Contrary to popular belief, it is not safe to huddle with a group of people when stuck outside. Instead, stand at least 15 feet apart. Do not lay on the ground as this increases your chances of being struck by a potentially deadly ground current. Lastly, avoid any bodies of water and or standing near any metal materials such as fences or machinery.

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