Every HR Assessment Should Include These Features

HR assessment

If your business’s next HR Assessment is coming up and you’re not sure what to tell your department to include in the report, you may want to take a look at this quick guide. HR assessments are a fundamental component in ensuring that a business is running like a well-oiled machine and that all issues are being addressed promptly and efficiently. With the right Human Resource assessment tools, your HR department can put together a comprehensive report that can help you tackle top issues, identify new priorities, confirm compliance, and much more. Check out the key features to make sure your next assessment includes.

Checks for Administrative Compliance With Local Laws and Regulations

One of the core features every assessment should include is a compliance check. Making sure your business is complying with relevant laws and regulations is fundamental since non-compliance could lead to serious fines or legal troubles and may even jeopardize the future of the business. HR should check for compliance with:

  • Discrimination laws
  • Employee classification rules
  • File retention
  • Anti-harassment policies
  • Legally mandated breaks
  • Medical leave time

Reviews of Employee Compensation, Training and Benefits Policies

Next, your HR department should conduct a thorough review of all matters relating to company employees. This includes employee training, compensation, benefits, and other similar policies. As a starting point, your HR staff may want to ask the following key questions.

  • What benefits does the company currently offer employees?
  • Are salaries up-to-date and competitive?
  • How is each employee’s total compensation determined?
  • Are employees offered training and opportunities for professional development?
  • What are managers doing to help foster good employee relationships and company culture?

Suggestions for Areas That Require Improvement

Lastly, your HR department can put together a list of suggestions for the company to use based on the results of the assessment. This list can include a number of areas that may be ripe for improvement. Although your business does not necessarily have to heed these suggestions, doing so could result in a more successful company and a stronger assessment the following year. Your HR staff could make suggestions for improvement about:

  • Departments that are overstaffed or understaffed
  • Employee complaints
  • Poor organizational analytics
  • Poor performance reviews
  • Failure to attract new talent and streamline application processes
  • Priorities that need shifting

Conducing your yearly HR Assessment is about more than simply ticking off boxes. To make the most of your business’s assessment and to create a thorough report that can help you address pressing issues and more, make sure your HR department covers these essential features in your next assessment. It could provide your company with the key information it needs to promptly fix any issues, provide employees with the proper benefits, continue ensuring compliance, and more.

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