Employee Handbooks: Compensation and Policies

Employee Handbooks: Compensation and Policies

As part of our article series on employee handbooks, we are going to closely examine compensation and other workplace policies that should be included. As these handbooks serve as a common understanding between your employees and your expectations, being thorough with handbooks is a must. We’ve already covered the basics of nondisclosure agreements, so let us take a closer look at the other pertinent policies to include. In addition to protecting your operation with an Orlando Employment Practices Liability Insurance policy, consider the following advice.


Money is undoubtedly any employee’s main motivator to work. Spell out the terms of your employee’s compensation packages.

Share all information on pay for hourly, salaried, full-time, and part-time employees. Include information on things like bonuses, such as how employees can earn a bonus, or the circumstances through which bonuses are distributed. Talk about pay increases, and when and how that occurs. Let employees know that you will be making the necessary federal and state tax deductions so that they understand the difference between their stated pay and their take-home pay, explains When I Work.

Pertinent policies.

In addition to sick and vacation policies, the law requires you to list some others.

  • Family Medical Leave- This act requires employers to provide up to 12 weeks of leave (unpaid) within a 12-month period to take care of a family member, have a baby, or tend to medical issues.
  • Nondiscrimination- Federal and state laws prohibit any type of discrimination in the workplace, so your handbook should reflect an equal-opportunity workplace.
  • Harassment- Verbal, physical or sexual harassment have no place at work, and your handbook should indicate a zero-tolerance policy.
  • Workers’ Compensation- This required policy should be outlined in the handbook to explain how claims will be managed, processed, and resolved.

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