Do Domestic Workers Affect Orlando Homeowners Insurance?

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Do Domestic Workers  Affect Orlando Homeowners Insurance?

Few Orlando homeowners realize that hiring a landscaper, house keeper, nanny, or other domestic help can often turn into an extremely complicated situation when it comes to legal liability and protection in the case of an accident, injury or other complication on their your property.  These risks don’t just apply to high net-worth homeowners who have dozens of on-site staff members to cook, clean and maintain their homes. Such liability risks really apply to anyone who employs even one domestic service provider, such as a sitter or even a tutor, and the potential for extreme financial losses and complications is large and tangible.

When hiring on a domestic staff member, Orlando homeowners becomes employers who are responsible for the safety and fair treatment of any employees. Some of the most common risks include injuries on the job such as slips, trips and falls along with car accidents, criminal behavior such as theft and lawsuits related to employment practices. Household staff members, like all employees, can bring allegations of wrongful termination, sexual harassment or discrimination against Orlando homeowners which can lead to complicated and resource draining legal battles.

It is important to identify your risk exposures based on your lifestyle and household staffing practices as general homeowners insurance policies set specific limits to the amount of liability coverage offered. In some cases, additional Employment Practices Liability Insurance and workers comp coverages might be useful or necessary. When assessing your liability coverage needs, it is important to note that hiring independent domestic contractors can increase your exposures while working through a domestic staffing firm or services may shift some of the liability away from you as the homeowner.

At Newman Crane, we understand that each Central Florida household has their own unique property, and liability coverage needs. That’s why we proudly offer the most comprehensive and flexible homeowners insurance Orlando FL has to offer. We specialize in helping our clients find thorough risk management and personal insurance solutions to meet all their needs and exposures. Our Orlando Homeowners Insurance specialists will help you evaluate your needs and secure the perfect coverage for you, your property and your domestic staff members. To learn more about Orlando Homeowners Insurance and our operation, give us a call today at (407) 859-3691.