Daytona Beach Boat Insurance: Tips for Winter Saltwater Fishing

Newman Crane

One of the greatest things about living in Florida is that wintertime does not mean dealing with cold and harsh winter temperatures like most of the east coast. What’s even better is that boat owners don’t have to worry about packing up for the season. They can still enjoy not only boating but fishing as well. Arguably, two of the best places for winter fishing in Florida is right here in Central Florida; Mosquito Lagoon and the north Indian River.

The backcountry waters here turn crystal clear, and water levels tend to drop off some limiting areas of access. What this means for you is that fish are often easier to find since there is less water for them to roam in. The two main staple fish that are in these areas year round are the redfish and the Florida spotted seatrout. This is actually the only place where redfish will stay and live their entire life. Here are some tips to make your winter fishing trip even more successful.

  • Buy lures that look new and bright, since fish tend to bite best on these.
  • Change monofilament often. Once it begins to look dull or feel rough, it’s no longer strong.
  • Understand tidal currents. In many spots, especially channel entrances, the tidal current may lag the actual tide by an hour or more.
  • Don’t use a wire leader if you can get by with monofilament. You will get more strikes this way.

These are just a few tips for winter saltwater fishing. For more information and tips you can visit the Field & Stream website. At Newman Crane, we understand how important it is as a boat owner to ensure that you are protected financially from unforeseen accidents that can result in huge medical costs, expensive boat repairs, and even possible litigation. Please contact us today at (407) 859-3691 to learn more about our Boat and Watercraft Insurance policies as well as our other Personal Insurance products.