Data Security Strategies for Warehouses

Data Security Strategies for Warehouses

Data security has seen an increase in threats in recent years and it’s been affecting nearly every industry. From social media to automakers, entertainment companies to home builders, virtually every entity that houses data is at risk of a breach.

Data Security notes that organizations have seen a 42% increase in hacking, which is a 39% spike in malware and a 23% rise in financial theft over the past two years. Cyber-crime is still expected to rise, eventually hitting $2 trillion by 2019, and this means bad news for warehouses that depend on logistics to do business. While data encryption is a popular idea, it’s just one of the many techniques that can be implemented in a data security strategy.

Logical & Physical Security

Before strategies are put in play, it’s essential to protect assets with warehouse insurance, a plan needed to protect a warehouse’s sensitive logistical data. Warehouses can include both logical and physical security when applying a new strategy. Logical includes authorization, authentication, encryption, and passwords; physical includes restricted access and locks on server, and storage and networking cabinets.

With logical security warehouses can secure networks with firewalls by running anti-spyware and virus-detection programs on servers and network-addresses storage systems. Make sure applications, databases, file systems and server systems are secure.

Protect at System Level

Warehouses can encrypt the entire data environment and use features that will toughen up the security itself including identity management and access monitoring. The point here is to control inbound and outbound information.

Change Passwords

This may sound rather pedestrian, but some businesses forget to update default passwords. Some even choose simple passwords like 1234 or ABCD. This can’t happen if safety is wanted. Due diligence is needed by changing default passwords upon installation and on an ongoing basis too. Warehouses should restrict access to management tools to those who need it, layering access to the most vital of staff.

Know Who Has Access

Piggybacking off the last part of the previous strategy, warehouses should know who has physical access to fixed and removable data-storage. Data security managers should identify weaknesses in data-movement processes and take care of them on the spot. Certain tools in data-discovery can be used to pinpoint sensitive data that may not be protected to the utmost.


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