Are You Looking for Cheap Car Insurance in Orlando?

Orlando auto insurance

Are You Looking for Cheap Car Insurance in Orlando?

While the importance of auto insurance is widely recognized, finding  affordable car insurance in Orlando can be challenging. With many rates far about the national average of $1,561, Florida residents pay an average of $130 a month to protect themselves and their vehicles. According to many industry reports, Miami and South Florida residents often pay auto insurance premiums around $1,750.10, which are among the highest in the country. Luckily for many drivers, there are a number of discounts offered to help Orlando them find the best coverage at the best rates. Discounts are often based on a driver’s performance, the type of vehicle being insured and various other affiliation factors.

Performance-based discounts are the most common ways to get cheaper car insurance in Orlando. Motorists with good driving history and short commutes are statistically perceived to be lower risk drivers and therefore will usually be offered reduced rates. In contrast, drivers with a history of traffic violations or accidents are thought of as high-risk. As such they are ineligible for the “good driver” discounts and often pay higher premiums.

The actual vehicle itself being insured can also help motorists snag discounted rates. Oftentimes if you have a newer vehicle, green vehicle or a vehicle with various safety features, you will be offered a discount. If your vehicle has anti-lock brakes, full vehicle air bag systems, motorized restraint systems or other safety features you may qualify for such a discount. These features are designed to help prevent accidents and reduce the severity of injuries suffered by a vehicle’s occupants which make vehicles equipped with such features less of a risk to insure.

Good student discounts, multiple line discounts and organizational affiliation discounts are also common. At Newman Crane, we can help secure you the best Orlando auto insurance rates without compromising coverage. Our personal and commercial auto insurance can help protect drives and their assets across Southern Florida. To find out more about finding cheap car insurance in Orlando, give us a call today at (407) 859-3691.