How to Shop for Florida Business Insurance

General Liability Insurance Florida

As an informed business owner, you know business insurance is an essential component to running your company smoothly.  Although many business owners know to cover their basic needs with a General Liability Insurance Florida plan, comprehensive business insurance goes beyond this. When shopping for the perfect solution for your business, familiarize yourself with the common questions that your insurance agent will ask you, as well as the questions you should have prepared for your agent.

The questions that your agent will ask of you are to determine what exactly your needs are. The items you sell could affect how much of a liability risk you are. The materials your building is made of could determine how much property liability coverage you require, so on and so forth.

Questions for You:

-What type of business do you own?

-What do you sell?

-Who do you distribute to?

-How long have you been in business & how old is the business?

-Do you currently have insurance coverage?

-What class is your business? (Corporate, LLC, etc.)

-What is the square footage of your facility? What materials are the building made of? Are there fire alarms/sprinklers?

Questions for your Agent:

What exactly is business insurance and what does it cover? Legal Zoom defines business insurance as encompassing all the different types of coverage available to protect business owners from losses. These policies cover your property, insure against claims, and provide perks for your employees.

Why do I need business insurance? Business insurance protects your property, process, and assets. It is an essential element to ensuring your business thrives. This policy will safeguard you against potential claims and even lawsuits to ensure one mishap doesn’t cause your business to fail.

What types are business insurance are available to me? We offer a variety of commercial insurance packages including but not limited to general liability, errors and omissions, workers compensation, and umbrella policies.

Can I combine different types into one policy? Yes, you can. In addition to general liability, we can provide you with umbrella coverage within your policy where you seem fit. For example, extra coverage for bodily injury, property damage, etc. can be added depending on your particular business and the assets you wish to protect. Also, ask about multi-policy discounts.

How do I buy business insurance? Contact your local agent to ask the important questions, help navigate you through the process, and guide you to the best policy for the best rate.

Insuring your business can be a daunting task. At Newman Crane, we’re here to help you and provide you with quality coverage as we have specialized in customizing personal and business insurance policies for more than twenty years. For more information, contact one of our specialists today at (407) 859-3691.