Best Practices for Manufacturing Operations

Best Practices for Manufacturing Operations

With the rate at which technology is growing and evolving in the manufacturing industry, it’s no secret that changes in operations have to be made to accommodate this. This rapid rate of change may make it hard to know if your company’s operation methods can be sustainable in a changing marketplace; this may even shine a light on other company needs like investing in Manufacturers Insurance. Some companies are reluctant to mix in new methods of thinking and this can put a damper on production efficiency and cycle time.

While being adaptable will keep companies competitive in the industrial marketplace, having a foundation of tried and true methods will help to keep a consistency in your business. Here we list a set of practices for manufacturing operations that act as a solid course for businesses, even in the midst of fast technological changes.

  1. Create a Culture of Safety
    It goes without saying that working in the manufacturing industry comes with some risks. In that regard safety is of the utmost importance. Implementing an environment of safety should be a top-down system, spearheaded by upper management. Managers should develop a system of safety practices that focus on the well-being of everyone on the floor, and help each individual understand the role machine and process safety play in their workspace.
  2. Develop a Risk Management Strategy
    A risk management strategy helps to identify, prioritize and mitigate risks. Productivity is always improving and accountability is always important when a risk management strategy is implemented. Manufacturers with an effective risk management system are likely to have established procedures with consistently higher capability to assess, rank, and create processes to mitigate risks.
  3. Measure Your Effectiveness
    The value of manufacturing operations is evidenced in growth and consistency. Companies that see increases in on-time delivery, raw material usage, and equipment effectiveness qualify for best-in class status. These improvement can lead to better financial success as well as improved customer service and cost effectiveness. Best in-class manufacturers are more likely to make decisions based off metrics as well as four times more likely to standardize their procedures enterprise-wide including KPI measurement.

Manufacturers are finding new technological solutions to better manage their operations, top to bottom. From production to maintenance to inventory management, these forward-thinking changes are speeding up productivity as well as streamlining success. Having a solid outline of what you expect in your team when it comes to operating procedures helps to set the tone for continued success.


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