Best Practices for Hiring Staff for Your Team


Hiring staff and excellent personnel can be integral to your company’s success, and doing it correctly prevents issues later. When you need to staff a position, strategic criteria and well-defined procedures will help you choose the best person for the job.

Hiring Staff for Your Team

How do you know if you have the best candidate? Here are some ideas you can take with you when making a decision.

Give Your Human Resources Department Comprehensive Hiring Policies 

A universal feature of all extraordinary hiring processes is consistency. Utilizing a formulaic approach to reviewing applications makes tough decisions easier. Furthermore, treating all applicants the same promotes fairness and mitigates the risk of claims involving discrimination or disparate treatment. 

Structured policies also help ensure that your human resources department takes all the proper steps consistently. Having this in place can prevent oversights, which could be the basis for negligent hiring claims or compliance issues involving statutory wage and hour regulations.

Offer Competitive Compensation and Benefits

It is a wise idea to offer completive benefits. Remember that other companies are trying to win over the top candidates in your industry. In addition to good salaries, an appealing benefits package and various perks like the opportunity to work remotely can enable you to recruit a talented workforce. 

Make Interviews Meaningful

Sticking to boilerplate questions in an interview could fail to give you a sense of what candidates are really like and how their previous employment experience has context in the position they’re applying for. Ask thought-provoking interview questions beyond those that people tend to have pre-prepared answers for. Pose hypotheticals and ask candidates how they would handle situations to evaluate problem-solving and critical reasoning. 

Familiarize yourself with questions that you should not ask in an interview. Questions about a person’s family, for example, might lead to a claim that you treated a candidate discriminatorily.

Include Your Team in Your Interview Process

A great way to know how well someone fits on your team is to get input from your current employees. Your current team may have helpful insight into how an applicant’s strengths and weaknesses could influence their ability to make a substantial contribution. Also, showing good communication skills with your personnel right off the bat is an excellent indicator that a candidate will do well in the position. 

Have Human Resources Personnel Verify Credentials Thoroughly

Having your human resources department do a thorough background check is a good idea. Verifying past employment, confirming professional licensing, and a criminal record search may reveal red flags.

Poor hiring choices can be costly. You can be confident about your new hires by putting careful thought and deliberation into your hiring process.

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