6 Success Tips for Real Estate Agents in the New Year

6 Success Tips for Real Estate Agents in the New Year

One year is ending and another year is about to begin, and for real estate agents, this makes it the perfect time to evaluate how the previous year fared and how you can step into 2020 with the right set of goals.

Housing inventory is set to remain limited for most of the new year, meaning it’s going to be another year highlighted by a competitive market. For real estate agents, this means they need to have their house in order so they can best serve their clients and reach new heights.

Here are just a handful of tips that real estate agents can take advantage of in the coming year, setting a good foundation to find success.

1. Outline What Your Niche Is

Heading into a new year is a great time to find the type of people and properties you want to hone in on. From Millennial homebuyers to senior citizens looking to find the right place to settle down, from hip, up-and-coming parts of town to residential properties in the suburbs, prioritizing who and what you want to focus on will help provide some direction for your business in 2020.

By focusing your efforts on your most successful and most opportune clientele group, your business will have a foundation to grow off of.

2. Delegate Your Work

If you’re going into the new year with a team and need support on a project or tasks, don’t be afraid to pass some work off. While it makes sense to want to be involved in every project and every part of every listing, it can help you be a better leader by delegating and trusting your team. The more you delegate, the more you will get done throughout the day. What’s more, this will help cut down on mental stress that can come with trying to do too much alone.

3. Find the Right Insurance

Operating without insurance only adds to the potential of being stuck with a major bill if a claim comes through. Having local coverage, like different real estate insurance Florida options, will help to provide the resources you need in case a claim is landed on your business. Anything from negligence to slips and falls could happen, so having the right coverage will help to add to peace of mind, something that should be looked at as a highly sought-after commodity in your business plans in 2020.

4. Make Priorities

It’s important to make priorities and set goals for every day, week, month, quarter, and year. Daily goals can cover day-to-day tasks that you can stay on top of, like emails and social media posts, and quarterly goals can be focused on meeting certain price points and revenue targets. Make sure you put larger projects and tasks that will end up taking more time at the top of your list, checking in on them as often as you can.

5. Embrace Social Media Marketing

Social media used to mainly be used for posting pictures and updates of your dog or family. In the last few years, however, social media has helped businesses and entrepreneurs by promoting their work for free or for a small price.

Many people can become confused with how to use social media for business purposes. The key to social media marketing is that it is social, opening up the opportunity to connect with current and potential clients on a personal scale. When people see your listing, they’ll remember that you’re a responsive and tech-forward representative who is accessible and helpful.

6. Accept Rejection

While landing every job and making everyone happy would be nice, it’s not realistic. You can still keep a good head on your shoulders and strive for great business while also taking some losses along the way. Getting rejected by clients and jobs is part of being a real estate agent or broker, so make sure to not get so down when something like that happens.

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