5 Ways to Protect Your Digital Information

In today’s world of technology, the ability to steal and share personal and confidential information online is becoming a constant threat. Protecting your information from cyber attacks is critical to the security of your company. While you want to make sure you have the best Orlando Cyber Insurance possible, there are a few other steps to take to help protect your company’s information.

  • Risk Assessment- The first step in securing information, is to figure out what parts of your system are vulnerable to cyber attacks. Be aware of the type of information that you contain, whether it is confidential business information or client personal information. Figure out how this information is managed and stored.
  • Team Training- Everyone on your team is responsible for the safe handling of secure information. Ensure that there are proper training strategies in place that include recognizing and reporting possible threats. Let employees know that there will be consequences for sharing information, exposing critical data to theft, or failing to follow cyber security rules and regulations.
  • Third Party Security- Know who you are working with. If you employ a third party that deals with any personal and confidential information, make sure that they have the ability to protect the information that you give to them. Ensure that they have safeguards in place and have it in your contract that they are required to utilize them. It would be a good idea to confirm that they are insured so as to provide you with protection if a cyber security leak comes from them.
  • Portable Device Security- In the event of the loss or theft of any portable devices such as laptops, smartphones, or USB drives; you want to make sure that information cannot be accessed remotely. Encrypting these devices makes the secure information unreadable and unusable to anyone other than your company.
  • Insurance- Cyber attacks are just that, attacks, and proper insurance is your main for of security in the event that an attack does occur. The typical security breach can cost over $5.5 million. A claim this size can devastate a company if they don’t carry proper cyber insurance.

Cyber attacks can happen to any company. It seems that there are now large breaches of information reported weekly. This doesn’t take into account the number of unreported or smaller company breaches that occur.

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