Positive Outlook on the 2015 Holiday Season for Small Businesses

The Holiday shopping season is almost here, and for small businesses, this is good news. The overwhelming opinion of business owners is that sales made during the months of November and  December will boost 2015 sales over 2014  sales. In fact, over 85% believe they can achieve this goal without any additional marketing.  For business owners, the upcoming increase in traffic might mean needing to revisit Orlando Small Business General Liability.

Small business retailers often offer Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals in hopes these will attract shoppers and increase sales. In a study by Dealstruck,  businesses are putting a large deal of confidence into these sales and are not worried about “not having enough sales or customers.”

Whereas sales generally do increase around the holiday season, businesses are wise to not expect to easily make their goals  with  little or no effort. There are multiple opportunities available for businesses to attract  new business. Social media marketing, online sales and television advertising are all ways that businesses can increase visibility.

For example, 31% of all small business retailers studied said they only sell through a physical store with no online engagement. While holiday shopping reaches its peak and while shoppers are actively looking for new products and deals, your business will benefit from exploring new ways of marketing and advertising. In addition,  your small business can be proud of your efforts to increase sales beyond just the natural holiday traffic.

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