Do Your Employees Travel? Tips to Keep Them Safe

Traveling is often a major aspect of work for employees. If they aren’t traveling with their work, they at least have to travel to and from the office everyday. As an employer, there are steps you can take to make sure that your business is taking care of your employees when they travel. This can include having transparent and trustworthy Florida Workers Comp insurance and revisiting your business’s standard for quality and care of team members. Here are some tips from on ways to reduce the risks tied to business travel:

  • Track Employee Travel – Make sure you know when, where and how team members are traveling. Develop a plan for emergency situations.
  • Consider Short Term Medical Insurance – For team members who travel often, this is worth exploring.
  • Inform Employees on How to Stay Connected – Make sure team members know how to contact your travel insurance provider, especially if they are traveling out of the county.
  • Host Training Programs – One of the best steps you can take is to review the travel risks with your team members and make sure they understand all hazards and protocols.

In addition to these steps you can take as an employer, there are areas where you can train your staff and put some responsibility on them to know how to keep themselves safe. This can include training employees to carefully check that their vehicle is in good working condition and to try to sleep on long flights.

There are several steps employers can take to ensure they take proper care of their employees. At Newman Crane & Associates Insurance, we understand that you want trustworthy and constant care for your team members. Call today to talk with an agent on your Florida Workers Comp and other concerns. 407.859.3691