Growing Your Small Business: Employee Hiring Advice

For any small business to succeed and thrive, it needs certain components. First off, it needs a dedicated owner willing to weather the highs and lows that inevitably occur in the early stages. Next, it needs a solid business plan and a great product or service. Further, it needs an Orlando FL Commercial Insurance Package to protect it from otherwise devastating financial losses. Lastly, it needs to attract great employees. If your small business is typical, it doesn’t have a dedicated human resources (HR) person to recruit talent. Therefore, here are some tips to recruit a solid team without an HR department.

Look Beyond the Resume

Every job candidate wants to make a great impression with a solid resume. Candidates try to give employers the answers they want to hear. There is no substitute for finding an employee who is sincerely interested in your job (rather than any job.) Look for clues that candidates have experience or true interest in what your business does.

Be Transparent About Expectations

Employees can’t do a great job if they’re not entirely sure of all the things their job entails. There’s always a learning curve with a new hire. The more feedback and the more specific feedback you give, the more quickly a new employee will excel at the job for which he’s been hired.

Lead by Example

You’re the boss and you set the standard. It’s unfair to expect hard work, outstanding customer service and dedication from your team if you (their leader) don’t display these attributes. Show them don’t tell them!

Foster Happy Employees

Once you find a great employee, do all you can to keep him! According to a Society of Human Resources Management study, employees said the most important aspects of job satisfaction were opportunities to use their skills, job security, good pay, good communication, and positive relationship with supervisors.

For your small business to be successful, you need great employees. You also need a comprehensive commercial insurance package to protect you when life’s curve balls come your way. Newman Crane & Associates Insurance is standing by to create an insurance plan tailor-made for your business. Call us at (407) 859-3691 to get started!